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"The session was affirmative and thus confrontational, in the good sense of the word. It made me hear my voice..

 in a difficult situation. Because of Hilde, I was able to connect even better with the Source. She worked for me as a guide. Once connected, it seemed unstoppable. I have been able to see a larger field than I could on my own. I still feel it in all my cells. Now I can let it go, and see when and how it unfolds.”

Jet Centeno 

“There are those moments in your life when you feel the need to have someone next to you to hold a mirror up to you..

Where you without having to say much yourself, the person feels and understands you flawlessly. Someone who feels clearly and can see what is happening in your emotional life, energy and thoughts at that moment. Hilde tells without detours what she feels, experiences and reads in your energy. Hilde knows how to give you information in the right way that you can use. In addition, when she encounters blockages that she cannot resolve, she will also refer you to the right people. I have been able to experience it all and have gained a lot of insights as a result and a lot of ballast has fallen off my shoulders. Hilde a woman who is pure and honest. “

Walter van Leeuwen

“Aside from Hilde’s natural ability to connect with me, I was especially deeply impressed by her..

art of translating things for me in a way that resonated perfectly with me. Her wording made it easy for me to understand how to apply her vision in my real life and make immediate changes. In fact, purely through the reading, I began to feel a deep change in myself – it was as if I had changed energetically after the 90 minutes with Hilde, before taking any action in some very difficult situations. Combined with Hilde's high level of integrity and professionalism, I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with difficult situations or feels that a reading can reinvigorate a stuck process.”


“Immediately there was presence, emotion, humor, recognition and opening – a coming home, answers and confirmation..

in my way of life. I experienced positive guidance and that’s why I can continue my work here. It’s great that I recorded the conversation, so I can listen to it again every now and then, with a different way of understanding it experienced each time. No question is strange. If you plan to have a reading, Hilde is a great support for all the questions in your life. I will certainly refer people to her, in the knowledge they will really be heard by Hilde. “

Ineke Moerman

“The reading was very nice and special. What was especially beautiful, which I really noticed, was..

that Hilde wasn’t in between with her personality. I noticed that she was receiving the information directly and that it was not colored by anything from her own baggage. Also things that I didn't understand at first or didn't want to hear, she was right about, and only now have I made decisions based on what emerged during the reading. It’s important that you are open and willing to let go of old patterns. At first I was a bit in the "Look out for the cat" camp, even though I don't think so. But now that I have let everything sink in, felt it fully and have really followed Hilde’s advice, I notice that it was actually correct. More than correct!”

Thamar Blok

“A reading with Hilde helps me take a step forward, in the right direction. I experience being placed in a field with her..

where there is more space, light and love. Every time, I am enabled by her to gain easier access to what lives inside me. What she offers me feels like something that is mine, something close to me that resonates. The experience is pleasant. I also feel room for my own wisdom and choice. Sometimes it is completely new and surprising, which helps me to look at an area of my life in a different and fresh way. And most importantly, Hilde is a nice, honest and positive woman with whom you quickly feel at ease. In short, a reading always brings a little more insight into life’s themes, and I always leave light and happy.”

Marelde Jensma

"Hilde was able to help me with a number of issues that I was dealing with. Hilde works with integrity and deals with..

the energies that present themselves. You can see and feel that she understands the language to read this. I have experienced how the reading is also a moment of healing, in which the necessary things are done that are important at that time. She also sees clearly what is needed or not, what may or may not be revealed, and when there is no access. She manages this with respect. I felt seen in who I am. She got to the heart of the matter and that was enlightening. It has helped me to take a step forward in my development. It's nice to have someone like Hilde who can look at things with you.”

Frederike Otger

“Hilde is a warm, friendly woman, who has no hint of gloom about her. Sometimes there have been ..

painful insights that were hard to receive, but they were always expressed with warmth and tranquility. I also laughed at some of the things I heard – what a relief. I feel that with each reading, I get more to my core and go a layer deeper every time. I see it as a kind of spiritual, emotional and intellectual MOT that I undergo once every few months.”

Marija Kocetanovic

"I was looking for someone who wanted to search beyond logic and beyond the familiar, everyday thinking with me..

I felt seen and so understood in every cell. Things that I have always felt from a very young age, but could not (yet) put into words, she gave presence by speaking them. Emotions, and a lot of cold and heaviness were released. It has made a deep impression on me. I now also understand what caused the burnout energetically. I remembered how to keep going. I found being seen and understood by Hilde especially valuable, during the toughest process that I’ve been through to date. This reading was an opening to recovery. I still feel deep gratitude for Hilde who, with her reading, has taught me to embrace my life again, on this earth and at this time, lovingly.”

Rozemarijn Hamelink

“I was at a difficult crossroads in my life. Hilde gave me much-needed clarity. She shone light where I was afraid of..

causing unnecessary confusion and on what I could not see for myself. She is the ally who supports you in the journey of self-inquiry, a very sensitive and truly pure seer, but also a very grounded and wise counselor who knows how to bring you closer to your truth in a graceful and gentle way. Her reading is powerful, sensitive, well rounded and grounded. With Hilde, I felt safe to open up to the new paths she showed me. She has a knack for simply putting things in order, without losing the perspective of the higher vision. I am grateful for all the dazzling insights she has given me, all the new doors she has opened to connect me more deeply with myself. I can now move more calmly and clearly in my choices, because she really helped me remove many obstacles along the way. Thanks Hilde for answering the questions I didn't even know to ask! “


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