Holistic EMDR

Hilde provides trauma therapy in the form of Holistic EMDR. 

The Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR) technique, whereby emotions and physical tensions are disconnected from a situation or an event, is simple and safe.

We do this by going back to an event that affected you, which has beliefs attached to it. Think of it as a sting stuck in your system. We will look for this sting, release it through distraction and unblock the flow of emotions, so that you can feel good about yourself again.

Hilde works with sound, touch and words to distract your brain.

Hilde gives holistic EMDR on the soul, and all layers are included

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Healing, reading, soul retrieval, healing journey, brainspotting, psyche-k, tilting of darkness and going back to previous lives, the womb or intermediate spheres can all be used during a session of holistic EMDR.

Before the session, Hilde goes into a trance to see which situation or event will be used. Together we look for beliefs to work with. It is a safe place, even with fearful trauma, and you cannot go wrong.

It is a safe place even with anxious traumas, you can't do it wrong

 Hilde reserves 2 hours for a session, so that there is enough time to explore deeply. The ultimate goal of holistic EMDR is to clear old triggers, so that they’re no longer interesting to the brain and your path can unfold more fully.

Are you interested in a holistic EMDR session or soul retrieval? Book a holistic EMDR appointment, and then Hilde will do a reading to see what suits you best. Then you can get to know her and decide whether it feels good to tap into and let go of deep-seated problems.

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