Reading and Holistic EMDR

Do you dare to look deep inside yourself? 
Look deep into the mirror? 
Go straight to your core? 
Feel your emotions and gain insight into your beliefs?


get the most you can out of your life

Holistic EMDR

take the sting out of your

Who is Heelde?

Hilde is an experienced spiritual and trauma therapist. She works online and in person from The Hague, in the Netherlands. After working for 30 years as a reader and healer, she has built up enormous experience in guiding people. She is passionate about empowering people and helping them to regain their original vibration.

Hilde takes you into the depths, makes contact with your soul and lets the bottom stone float up. She translates the subtle world into a language that you understand.

Hilde helps you to uncover deeper beliefs and soul layers. Trauma, blockages and stings become visible, emotions start to flow again and your life path unfolds in a new way.

"The reading was very nice and special. What was especially beautiful, which I really noticed, was that Hilde was not in between with her personality. I noticed that she received the information directly and that it was not colored by anything from her own baggage.”

Thamar Blok

“I experience being placed in a field with her, where there is more space, light and love. Every time, I am enabled by her to gain easier access to what lives inside me. What she offers me feels like something that is mine, something close to me that resonate

Marelde Jensma 

“No question is strange. If you plan to have a reading, Hilde is a great support for all the questions in your life. I will certainly refer people to her, in the knowledge they will really be heard by Hilde. “

Ineke Moerman

“Hilde knows how to give you information in a way that you can use. In addition, when she encounters blockages that she cannot resolve, she will also refer you to the right people. I have been able to experience it all and gained a lot of insights, while a lot of ballast has fallen off my shoulders.”

Walter van Leeuwen

“Hilde really took the time to say and feel what needed to be said. I felt seen and so understood in every cell. Things that I have always felt from a very young age, but could not (yet) put into words, she gave presence by speaking them. The reading was an opening to recovery. " 

Rozemarijn Hamelink

What are the possibilities?

– General reading

- Company reading

- Relationship reading

- Reading in combination with healing

- Reading on darkness and curses

– Holistische EMDR (in combinatie met soul retrieval)

– Reading Playground


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