Do you dare to look deep inside yourself?

Would you like to get in touch with the spirit of your company?
Are you a spiritual therapist yourself and do you have questions?
Are you stuck in your relationship?
Do you not understand things from your past and do you want clarity?
Are you repeating yourself, and do you run into emotional blockages?
Do you want clarity in your life?
Do you feel like you carry everything for your family or your friends?
Do you simply want your energy back? Have you toiled long enough?
Or are you unsure about the next step in your life?

Then book a session with Hilde.

  Hilde has been working as a reader and healer for 30 years. Her guides tell her the purpose of the reading and provide information through image, sound, feeling and vibration. After you sit down, she asks for your first and last name, and a movie of information starts coming through that she shares with you.

Hilde comes into contact with your energy body. She feels where your blockages lie and will do everything she can to find a way through. 

She cleanses energy, asks for help from the guides who are important to you in that moment and will take care of the right healing in the right place. You need to prepare in advance so that Hilde can immediately go deep into your energy. Hilde will make you aware of what is going on in a friendly, humorous and down-to-earth way. She will mirror you and give guidance that will move you forward and help you overcome your obstacles. A reading can support you for months, sometimes years, so it’s advisable to record the conversation.

A reading session lasts 30 or 60 minutes, and takes place in person in The Hague or online. As soon as you book an appointment with Hilde, you connect with the field of healing, and the length of the session is not all that important. The more you prepare for the session, the deeper Hilde can work. You can also choose an Emotion Coaching session. Through this technique, we quickly get to the core. You will learn about the relevant emotions in play and gain tools to work with them.


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